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O you who believe! Be afraid of Allâh, and be with those who are true (in words and deeds). (At-Tawbah 9:119)

The beleaguered Menteri Besar of Kedah Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak has found a solution to the allegations of mismanagement and irregularities by labelling the Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) employees as UMNO agents. Politicking in this silly season is well and good but disgruntled KUIN employees have lodged police reports and organised peaceful protests to get the Kedah state government to solve their problems. The problems faced by these employees are serious enough to warrant fast action. KUIN staff have showed documentary evidence of their pay slip deductions to pay for Haj pilgrimages as promised by PAS state government only to find that this promise was not honoured; compounded by financial problems resulting in employees having their cars repossessed. Imagine if this happened to you. How will you get to work or send your kids to school? Problems faced by the staff include salary increment, bonus, salary deductions, hostel inadequacies, decline in academic standards and facilities plus the existence of Kuin subsidiary companies that are making huge losses. Mind you these allegations have been four years running and many lifelong PAS members are staff of KUIN.

Azizan really couldn’t give two hoots. He is busy serving as Menteri Besar of Kedah where there are no UMNO members, KUIN employees, lake Pedu activists or poor villagers. He is as far as he is concerned the Chief Minister of Kedah in a different part of Malaysia where he doesn’t have to attend his own official Aidilfitri open house and meet the people. Perhaps he feels that meeting Kedahans with a whole list of problems is boring.

We must also forgive Azizan as the usual suspects in DAP who serve as PAS leadership economic advisors are not giving their economic lectures after PAS Kedah chopped down high-value trees in Pedu that has affected the quality of water in Penang.

This approach is in marked contrast to YB Datuk Paduka Mukhriz Bin Tun Mahathir’s efforts to listen to KUIN staff’s grouses. YB Mukhriz makes no distinction between PAS members or UMNO members. All he sees are Kedahans that need assistance. This is why PAS members can relate to YB Mukhriz because he has the interests of the people at heart. If you have a genuine problem he will surely act on it with whatever means at his disposal. We have every confidence in YB Mukhriz that if given total support and a strong electoral mandate-KUIN’s problems will be set right. In fact many of Kedah’s other issues will be resolved.

Hidup BN! Hidup UMNO!

Mukhriz Official.

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